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Any air suspension axle group managed by a height control valve can be monitored.

Temperature and altitude do not have a significant effect on the performance of our scales. This is because air spring suspensions operate on air pressure (PSI)  to maintain the proper ride height, at no specific air density or volume.

It is true that air density can fluctuate as a result of temperature and altitude, but the suspension system will automatically adjust to maintain the appropriate PSI required to maintain ride height.

Once our scales are calibrated, they will remain calibrated. To ensure the air suspension, leveling system, airlines and load scale are all working well together, we suggest that the calibration be verified against a certified scale weight at least once a year.

You must re-calibrate our scales after any maintenance or repair work is done on the air suspension, leveling system or airlines. Re-calibration must also be done if the load scale is removed and installed on another tractor or trailer.

Yes. Our scales come with a 3 year warranty.

Our digital scales have features to provide estimated steer values for spring suspension steer axles on semi-trucks only. Our digital scales can also monitor air suspension steer axles. Our mechanical gauges do not provide steer axle weight.