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Our team

Andy Mount

President & CEO

As President and CEO of Right Weigh, Andy leads the team on product development and in the vision of the company. Because of his 20 years of experience in product development and manufacturing management coupled with his leadership abilities, Right Weigh continues to succeed.

When he is not in the office, you can find Andy at CrossFit or home with his wonderful family.

Nick Mills

Operations Manager

Nick spent the first 8 years of his career as a Mechanical Engineer working in the automotive industry. His experience specializing in gauges, sensors and other instruments makes us lucky to have him as our Operations Manager.

Not only does Nick manage our product operations but he believes and supports our product ingenuity and value-added for our customers.

When Nick is not collaborating with our product team, you can find him out on the trails training for marathons.

Dennis Cloutier

OEM/Fleet Sales Manager

Dennis has worn many hats over the years. His expertise is in sales, technical support, customer service and photography. He has spent 8 years with us at Right Weigh and his industry knowledge and dedication to our customers continues to soar above average.

His sense of humor is always guaranteed to keep us laughing in the office. When he’s not making us laugh, he is helping Right Weigh customers choose the right product and supporting any technical issues. As if that was not enough, Dennis was also ranked the number one salesman in the US for the Eastman Kodak company.

Kristopher Hett

Senior Product Engineer

As our Senior Product Engineer, Kristopher is continually looking for ways to make our products the best they can be. From 20 years of experience programming embedded systems, Kristopher brings expert perspective and solution to our team. Previously working at Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, Agilent Technologies and Audio Precision, we are lucky to have brought him on board.

Kristopher combined many aspects of various products he had previously worked on to bring our load scales to life. He enjoys using his physics background to help design and integrate various sensing technologies into our Right Weigh products.

Kelly Jackson

International Business Manager

With 14 years of experience as a Project Manager, Kelly joins the Right Weigh team to share her expertise. Her mission is to successfully lead in the execution of new and existing endeavors for the Right Weigh team.

Kelly was born and raised in Kansas where she grew up in the cattleman and farming industry. Kelly’s fun spirit and dedication to success is contagious and refreshing. When she’s not thriving at work, you can find Kelly in the CrossFit gym, outside running or being an awesome mom to her family.

Jennifer Campbell

Finance Manager

As the Finance Manager for Right Weigh, Jennifer’s work ethic is clear in the way she handles day-to-day operations and customer requests. Considering her business excellence, it is no surprise that she has previous experience as a business instructor.

Every day at the office with Jennifer comes with a friendly interaction and a smile on her face. Alaska born and raised, Jennifer is the daughter of Right Weigh founder, Sid Campbell, which amplifies her dedication to the company’s success and ultimately, to maintaining complete customer satisfaction.

She loves to travel, and when she is not working, she loves spending time with her family.

KC Nolan

Shipping & Purchasing Manager

KC has extensive experience in the automotive industry, with four years of experience at Baxter Auto Parts as a commercial sales associate.  KC is a jack of all trades. Alongside his strong mechanical aptitude and electrical knowledge, he focuses on better serving our customers through his product knowledge.

When KC is not tied up with mechanical undertakings, he can be found outdoors, hunting, weightlifting and listening to rock music. As a fun fact, he recently became a diesel performance enthusiast.

Chris Harlan


Chris comes to Right Weigh with experience in shipping and receiving, as well as merchandising for Columbia Distributing.

If Chris is not out camping, practicing his archery skills, golfing or hunting, you can find him in our warehouse at the production line preparing our products for our customers.

Pete Danielson

Product & Sales Support

As our product and technical support, Pete is committed to our customers. He has several years of experience in the industry, including dealing with over 300 carriers in the trucking industry.

Pete is a team player in the office and is always seeking ways to make our customers happy. He truly enjoys creating new relationships with customers, and it shows.